ISO 9001 Quality

Quality Management System

Lee Petrotech has an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest quality of service delivery, within an environment that has safety as a priority. To achieve this commitment, we have developed an integrated Quality Management System (QMS) that defines a rigorous set of internal processes to ensure consistent delivery of quality; continuous learning and improvement; and prevention of non-conformity.

The QMS assigns Quality Responsibilities and Authorities to ensure compliance across the organization.

Health, Safety, and Environment

At Lee Petrotech, we recognize that the activities we undertake involve exposure to potentially harmful conditions. As a company, we have an unequivocal commitment to protect people and the environment from these conditions.

We have established a rigorous set of best practice Safety Procedures to guide all our operations. These procedures identify the risks within the activities we undertake and mitigate their potential impact on people and the environment. Our Safety Procedures encompass all the activities we undertake, including:

  • Safe Driving Practices
  • Handling Pressurized Equipment
  • Working in Confined Spaces
  • Working at Height
  • Avoiding Explosions & Fires
  • Managing Residual / Hazardous Waste
  • Protecting Groundwater
Image Hard Hat, Gloves, and Boots

The Safety Procedures also include tools to permit measurement and tracking of key indicators such as Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR), Recordable Injury Rate (RIR), and Recordable Vehicle Rate (RVR), that provide insights to improve on our safety performance continuously.

In addition to our Safety Procedures, we have also developed a robust set of Employee & Sub-Contractor Safety Training Programs aimed at embedding behaviors that promote safe working conditions.

We take our obligation to protect people and the environment as a continuum, and therefore we will not get complacent. We periodically review the effectiveness of our Safety Procedures and Training Programs to ensure they exceed the regulatory and industry expectations.

Compliance with Customer HSE Requirements

We have proactively registered with ISNetworld, a 3rd party platform that assists customers to ensure that contractor employees have the competencies, training, and qualifications required to perform their specified job duties.